21, August 2021

I slept in today, it’s 08:00. Woo hoo. I nailed a hefty ten hours for the night. This rare treat was a welcome too. Over the course of the previous two weeks my work load and todo list have been rather large. That’s going to change though. I have no more friends coming up, nor does my brother, I will have all my training for work in, and I’ll soon have everything I need completed for the onboarding. I still need to switch my drivers liscense and insurance to Alaska. For some reason this is a mandatory requirement of employment. I’ll need to drive the company vehichle at times and I guess my Ohio liscence and insurance card are inadequate. Should be scheduling all this tomorrow.  If I’m lucky, insurance will be cheaper here in Alaska. I’m not holding my breath though. I’ve seen the price of food, gas, and household items. 

I got to work today at 10:00 and was there until 19:00, allowing me to find an introduction with the evening staff. These are the coworkers I will mainly work with. My scheduled position is slated for the evenings. I chose this shift particularrly so I could stil accomplish tasks on the preserve while hopefully being able to get daylight hours outside of work. Snow has already fallen farther north in Anchorage and the frost is nipping on the green every morning. Soon it will be white, but for now fall color change is peak. As I look out a large window a cliend sits next to me. Beautiful golden waves spread across evergreen slopes while the white begins to spread from the uppermost peaks, invading burgundy gass as it makes its way toward the tree line. It really is a grand sight. I get to enjoy all this. It’s rewarding to talk with someone who has an appreciation of natural change and can just enjoy the sight. Our talk isn’t heavy and most of the time ws spent just stareing out the window. It was a highlight. We also had a team meeting at work. I work with beautiful people and a beautiful company. I’ve never been a part of something so progressivef and uplifting. The transparency definitely helps facilitate behaviours of trust and friendship. At the end of my shift I left smiling and laughing. Is there a better reward for work?

Returning home I made a quick dinner and called it a night. I give a lot of myself at work and it does take it out of me. Sometimes the drain is physical and sometimes it is mental. Today the drain was mental, but not in a difficult or negative way. It can be handled with a decent night’s rest. Not a bad trade off in my opinion. I didn’t get any work in at the preserve today and it looks like Friday will be the next available opportunity for that. I miss walking the trails everyday. Soon it will all return when my schedule is fixed and all work training has been accomplished. Until then I’ll smile with the thought of such an upcoming reward.

Be who you love and love who you are 😀

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