Reunited Hearts 

Teresa gave me a surprise while we were grabbing some smoothies in Anchorage. I hear her behind me saying I have someone who would like to say “hi” to you. Instinctually I know she’s talking about me and as my mind processes what’s happening she’s already pulled me in close enough to fit on her phone screen. On the other end is Leandro. The emotions that immediately took hold were overpowering, filling me with love and warmth. The three of us previously lived the magic of life together and built something I have yet to rediscover. It’s genuine sincerity still reflecting in all of our eyes. I want nothing more than to have him with us. My insides feel warm and my eyes threaten to leak. I’ve known from the first time I saw both of them that they’ve been in my life before. Not this lifetime, but previous ones. Hopefully future ones as well 😀 The knowing connection instant. I don’t think this happens often, but it is what I’ve always looked for. It transcends time. I see leandros eyes and can feel his energy. I can feel the excitement and disbelief that dances on his earth tome almond eyes. Gifts like this are beyond measure and fail to be transcribed. Our conversation was short; nonetheless, it was a beautiful moment. Tears aren’t always a bad thing. 

“It’s not the good-bye that causes my tears. It’s the flashbacks and the memories”

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