22, August 2021

Today was amazing. I awoke in a delighful mood  and with the sun. It helps that the sun doesn’ t come over the range until 08:00. I didn’t have to be  at work until 11:30. Can’t say I enjoy  starting that late, but it is what it is. Toay would seem mundane to most. Nothing exciting happened. I ddin’t go anywhere except work and home. I made a nice breakfast of french toast and a breakfast scramble. I had the extra time. I then went to work, but not before stopping to grab a dirty chai. The barista is starting to consider me a regular. When I pulled up she asked, “are you having a zen chai?” I smiled under my N95 and said, “indeed”. I’ve been to every coffee shop or stand in Homer and the surrounding area and have arrived at this conclusion: It matters not where you get your beverage, but it does matter who makes your beverage. This is why I’ve gone to this particular shop repeatedly. The calm, relaxing energy helps too. Anyway, the barista was also talking to me about the weather. Some people call this small talk, but I tend to think of it as progress. We quickly talked about frost flowers and the early arrival of fall. Turns out the season is showing up a month in advance. The barista also inquired if I had my punch card. I informed her I left it at home and she offered to provide a new one, but I declined.  This is a local  shop owned by the Barista. I truly want to support it so I think I’ll just always pay for my chai. If she decideds to offer one up “on the house” then I’ll accept, but I won’t use the buy (X) get (1) free card. With smiling eyes of almonds she bids me farewell and I head to work. I arrived 3 minutes late. I was behind a cement truck and a line of cars going uphill on a curvy, two lane uphill road. Those trucks dont make the best time going up. No worries though.  When I arrived at work I was greeted by name and with smiles. Then I was asked if I wanted to play horseshoes. You know I said yes. In fact, I ended up playing two games. It was a fun game and one that wasn’t too difficult to pick up. Have I mentioned that I adore my job? If not, well let me tell you. I love my job. It’s beyond fantastic and nestled next to blessed. Work, again, went by in the blink of an eye. And like that I was heading home. Spent the rest of the night video chatting with a friend from Colorado, eating dinner, doing dishes, and finally writing this blog. Now my eyes feel droopy and the yawns are catching up with me. It’s been a fun and joyous day, but sleep calls to me like the moon tugs at the ocean. 

“The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but  because of the people who don’t do anything about it” Albert Einstein

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