Decided to play a round of disc golf with a couple friends. Nothing competitive or anything to that nature. We were just getting some indirect exercise, sharing company, enjoying the weather, scenery, and making memories. And memories we did make. I also utilized an urban tumble weed (plastic shopping bag) instead of my usual bag. It was blowing around the parking lot so why not put it tto use? It just needed a ride to the trash can and I heppend to be going that way.

Anyway, we were on hole 12 when an errant shot ended up twenty feet off the fairway in the tall, overgrown honeysuckle. This stuff is dense as a jungle and eats discs with nondiscriminatory judgement. It’s pretty thick. Luckily my buddy found his disc rather quickly and had somewhat of a line to the fairway. After taking his shot he beckoned me over. I thought maybe he had found a flower or was curious about a wild edible, but he wasn’t. He had found an old, empty beer can, picked it up, and asked if he could put it in my bag. Talk about a hearts smile!!!! To see a seed bear fruit, even if only a few, is beyond rewarding. I thanked him with multiple high fives, and a smile that couldn’t disguise itself. We can all make a difference!

Trend Setting; A New Fad

Guess I’ll just jump right in.

I’ve noticed a surprising trend. People have become accustomed to dismissing reality, avoiding what is unpleasant, and comfortably ignoring anything that isn’t related directly to them. I call it a trend because it happens everywhere and by almost everyone. I watch as children, young adults, elders, police officers, coaches, educators, etc. etc., walk directly over a piece of trash and fail to pick it up. I don’t know if it’s the “I didn’t do it, it’s not my reasonability” mentality, if it’s just being oblivious to their surroundings, or if they truly just don’t care. Regardless it still shows a lack of respect, and consideration for our environment and planet. I will be so bold to say: “we can’t pack up and move away from this planet. It’s our ONLY HOME. Therefore, it’s everyone’s responsibility to help keep it clean”. We have to stop passively allowing this destruction to continue. Let me ask you this: If there were pieces of trash strewn about your house and lawn would you let them lie where they lay? You didn’t put them there and it’s not your trash, right? If you do pick it up; why do you pick up unsightly waste from your dwelling, i.e., lawn or house, but not your home, i.e., Earth? There are some who do both, but the vast majority do not.

The unpleasant reality is our planet is filled with filth. Garbage is everywhere. It’s in our parks, our wild places, our green spaces, our yards, our shopping centers, even our oceans; waste is everywhere man has ventured. Luckily we do have a solution. If we together steward in a new era of environmental responsibility we may yet achieve great works. We don’t all need to go out with giant, 55 gallon bags collecting trash. We can do it by each contributing a little of our time, effort, and support. Perhaps the next time you go out for your hike or to throw a round of disc golf you can take a small bag, backpack, sack, pouch, whatever you want, with you and collect some trash? Try it once and see how it makes you feel. Constant dripping can hollow a stone.