Light of Warmth

Within me there lays a light of warmth

Only given once with all its worth

It built and it erected a foundation of truth

But the angel it was given refused to slueth

The wall will not fall and the flowers will not wilt

I walk away without any guilt

I spread my wings unseen by most

I fly toward the sun, heading toward the coast

My destination unknown and my plans are not,

However my heart and dreams are far from lost

I see the land below as the landscapre starts to glow.

How far I have come but cannot show

A landing strip appears as a smile to my ear,

I think I’ll land and start to share.

“I”m not here to change your mind about anytihng. I’m here to ease my own mind about everything” ~Todd Snider


Love has a smile, are you wearing it?

              I wear it modestly.

Have you shown it to anyone, the love smile?

              Sharing it with nondiscriminatory benignity.

How did you feel giving it, was it rewarding?

              I feel lifted in my inner most of the inner, a beautiful gift.

Did you notice the reception of such a treasure?

              The strangers twinkle caught my eye when we smiled as one.

“Love and Wisdom
Even the tiniest touch of love and kindness
Causes more good than all the treasures of the world”
SSSC, December 7, 2020, 2:44 p.m. Billy Meier

Hey, thanks :)

I just wanted to say…. Thank you. Thank you for shining your light when you’re told it’s got to be put out. Thank you for showing me what it means to be brave. I notice every time you stand-up for the innocent and you protect the weak. Thank you for sharing your moments with me, the good and the rough. Thank you for letting me be a part of your story. If it was only for a season I’m most grateful for the privilege, but if it happens we find more I’ll be thankful for another score. Thank you for sharing the games of your heart and the music it speaks. Thank you for the gifts without expectation of a return. Thank you for the conversations that made me smile or question my own position. Thank you for helping me grow and be a better me. Thank you for the support, it’s always made me feel like a winner. Thank you for the smiles of your heart and all the love you gave. Thank you for the treasure box moments that filled my wellspring with youthful joy. But most of all…… Thank you for being you! I wouldn’t change a thing. ❤ 

“The world doesn’t want to be saved. It wants to be loved, that’s how we save it.” ~Anonymous~

Topsy-Turvy World

Where are the leaders we need, the ones who show a moral compass through their actions. Where are the leaders of morality, conscious of conscience? Where are the leaders who call for equitable relations between consumer and producer? Where are the angels of this world who uphold the law of honesty? Where are the leaders who provide the solace speech that will inspire love for all? Where are ones who foster understanding? Where are the leaders people emulate not for popularity, but because they desire a higher level of consciousness evolution? 

I’m told they reside on Capitol Hill, but I’ve been there and found none. It was suggested they roam the political offices of the state, city, and county. I looked for myself and I’ve seen them running the little towns of the Atlantic Coast, I’ve seen them driving big cities all the way to the Pacific, and I’ve watched them develop the forgotten towns of the Midwest. Yet none I have seen who use the Golden Compass.

Do you know where they hide? Have you seen them out in the open, walking the trails of life’s beauty? Did you talk to them when they passed or read the letters they wrote to the people of the world? Can you find them if you look? Do they live in your city or town? Would you know what you saw if they strode past? 

All of these questions I had to ask in order to understand for myself; the one I sought is found on the inside. It’s in each of us and, if we learn to listen, speaks from the wisdom locked deep within. The treasures it gives free of cost. I only had to learn to ask. 

“The spiritual consciousness is never deceived” ~Billy Eduard Albert Meier~

Dribble Drabble Drizzle: A Poetic Musing

Relentless exchange

Today I danced with loves’ reality, quirky and carefree. Each step leading to an unexpected rhythm that harmonized the melody of movement. I could feel it in my eyes, the joy of present moment living. I observed its reflection in smiles of acceptance and warmth, magically moving with timeless fluidity. It was the end of expectations. 

Treasure Box

Today I walked with a wolf who taught me to hunt love. 

First, master your thoughts for they are the might behind it all. 

Second, conquer yourself for it is your greatest adversary.

Finally, live in truth; it is your strongest weapon. 

If all these you accomplish, success will be your discovery. 


The silent voice only I know.

Talking from a place only I may go.

Giving me impulses with glimpses,

It’s a direction I may not know;

Nonetheless, it all will ebb and flow,

If only I learn to go. 


The chaos of underdeveloped organizational practices. That pretty much sums it up. 

Today’s Chance

I met a man who I never knew. He had lost it all yet his smile showed no sorrow. In fact, most would say it was gay. He told me of his family and how he had lost them all. They weren’t dead, but chose to avoid him instead. I watched the flashes of rue meander his emerald fields. I could see he didn’t mind my knowing. He spoke of the relationships he ruined and the gifts he had lost. He never missed a beat and found a laugh at what his foolishness had cost. He said to learn from his mistakes was what made life so great. He spoke of his success and the life he lived with sparkling gems, making it hard for me not to grin. With every word he spoke I could feel the love it began to evoke. We talked for the remainder of the evening knowing the other we wouldn’t be seeing. 

“If you are not the hero of your own story, then you’re missing the whole point of our humanity” ~Steve Maraboli~