Her Name Is

Hope came to me softly,  

Its touch floating on blue diamonds.

Warming my heart gently;   

Is this loves eternal Siren? 

Hope spoke of joys living,  

Shinning with a ray of evolution. 

Present in its giving;  

Am I looking at a revolution? 

Hope showed me a kindness, 

Never swaying from understanding?

Displaying effection; 

Could this be what she has been saying?

“The time is always right, to do what is right” ~Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Uncivilized Methods

There’s an unspoken beauty hidden within the silence of the unexplored. It’s an off-trail navigational cipher. Which way will it lead? One direction finds excitement the other fear, but both will evolve you; many times they join as a cohesive path. It’s the freedom of unburdened thought and peace of harmonious unification which taunts conventional, civilized living and appeals to a greater source from within. So I walk without shackles into the thicket of unknown, curious as I go. 

“It can’t possibly be said too often that there is no one right way for people to live; that’s only the delusion of the most murderous and destructive culture that history has ever produced” ~Daniel Quinn, The Story of B

Light of Warmth

Within me there lays a light of warmth

Only given once with all its worth

It built and it erected a foundation of truth

But the angel it was given refused to slueth

The wall will not fall and the flowers will not wilt

I walk away without any guilt

I spread my wings unseen by most

I fly toward the sun, heading toward the coast

My destination unknown and my plans are not,

However my heart and dreams are far from lost

I see the land below as the landscapre starts to glow.

How far I have come but cannot show

A landing strip appears as a smile to my ear,

I think I’ll land and start to share.

“I”m not here to change your mind about anytihng. I’m here to ease my own mind about everything” ~Todd Snider


Love has a smile, are you wearing it?

              I wear it modestly.

Have you shown it to anyone, the love smile?

              Sharing it with nondiscriminatory benignity.

How did you feel giving it, was it rewarding?

              I feel lifted in my inner most of the inner, a beautiful gift.

Did you notice the reception of such a treasure?

              The strangers twinkle caught my eye when we smiled as one.

“Love and Wisdom
Even the tiniest touch of love and kindness
Causes more good than all the treasures of the world”
SSSC, December 7, 2020, 2:44 p.m. Billy Meier