13, August 2021

Guten Tag, freund. 

I awoke missing the cranes today. I know they’re doing the migration thing, It’s just… Ya know, yeah. Now that’s out of the way. I had a delightful day. I watched a sea otter eat crabs, saw bald eagles lazily observing from a perch, listened to the murre ducks pop up (Did you know: the common murre can dive one hundred feet below the surface to find food; the locals, Kachemak Bay, claim up to four hundred and forty feet.), and a few late stragling sea ducks. Also noticed they moved the Summer Bay, a crab boat, up to dry dock. Looks like crabbing season is just around the corner. The Time Bandit, another crabbing boat, was still in dock though. I had three drinks of coffee today. It was only three because it tasted bad. Ranks up there in the top ten of worst. Not sure if that’s a prestigious category though. I’m sure some people enjoy it though. Hopefully that foul taste will keep me away from it. Even with the coffee setback it was still a beautiful day. 

I spent morning until late afternoon, i.e., two pm, in rain pants and a rain jacket. The rain, which was more a constant drizzle, was falling from rather high clouds. This allowed for visibility to be alright. You could make out the other side of the bay and conclude there may be some color change going on over there. I enjoyed some of the ocean spray as I walked the beach too. Not too many washed up jellies either. I’m thankful I am able and capable of getting out and enjoying life. Speaking of enjoying life, I had the most wonderful phone interview today. The conversation was so rewarding. I was able to ask questions and we talked about consciousness development. Seriously felt like a huge life win; I have an in person interview on Wednesday morning. Had another life win as my new phone was delivered today. I had to switch to an Alaskan provider as my California network had nothing for me up here. I’ll get that activated in the morning and make sure it’s working properly. This just means I’m going to make a phone call and ensure service. Currently I can only call when I’m on wifi. A big thank you and shout out to my mother, Kathy, for mailing the phone to me. They, the carrier, refused to ship it to the PO Box. Made things a little more complicated logistically, but thankfully my entire family is great with logistics. I think it’s in our blood. Also saw Jeff today and enjoyed the time I had with him. He’s one of the most selfless humans I have ever been privileged enough to call a friend. His warm, kindhearted smile and tender listening is as broad as his awareness. Many thanks, Jeff. You are a remarkable Coach at this life thing. I enjoy learning from you. Jeff, like the sandhill cranes, will migrate back south tomorrow. He’s just going to do it a little more quickly. You know what else I’m thankful for today?

You. Yeah, that’s right. You, right there. Yup, the one reading this. Thank you for giving me a little of your time today. That’s a serious treasure box reward. I’m sure there are youtube videos far more entertaining than anything I could ever write, so thanks. Feel like I’m winning at life now and you have a part in that. Just knowing others appreciate the things we do, be it writing a blog post, making dinner or fixing something, etc. etc., is a warm fuzzy all the way around. Thanks for your support and encouragement. Salome.

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