14, August 2021

Guten Tag, freund. 

Today was a very busy day. I got my phone activated, said farewell to Jeff, and learned my brother was a serious fisherman. The day started off with me deciding to drive the two hours north to see Jeff off. I had originally said farewell the previous night, but thought better of it when I awoke. My reason for saying an early farewell was because I wanted to work so I could backpack on Thursday. After sleeping on it I realized that was silly. The backpacking trail isnt going anywhere, but Jeff is migrating south. I don’t want another crane situation. So I drove up to the Kenia Mountains to spend the remainder of the time I could with him. He’s such a remarkable guy. Heart of gold that man. 

We were at a lake super close to the alpine, fishing and sharing the last few hours in a marvelous setting. The mountains were frosted on top with a layer of white, below that lay a canvas of burgundy, yellow, oranges, and greens. It was truly a beautiful scene. Fall is here in full force. So was my brother with his fishing abilities. He snatched a trout using a method I found barbarically prehistoric, yet awe inspiring. Truly a memory for the ages. Most of the day was spent talking and eating. Jeff and I did less fishing than my brother and he did less than I’ve ever witnessed him do. Sometimes conversation and presence is just the best activity. It was a bittersweet goodbye filled with love and gratitude. 

On the way back I stopped at the phoen store in Soldotna and had it activated. I had tried the night before, but failed at my attempt to be more Millennial savvy, i.e., good with electronics. It all starts with effort though. I also learned some things from the customer service gentleman about the phone, was offered a job, politely declined as it was over two hours from where I live, and got some advice/preperation for the upcoming white season. Mainly the topic was the lack of sunlight and how it represented itself in the public. Righteous information for someone who has never had a winter where the sun may only rise for two hours if at all. Totally rad day altogether. 

I ended the day by sending messages to all my contacts informing them of my new number. A friend I missed dearly liked it, so I called him. He is one of the greatest life rewards I have ever been blessed with. Righteous man who gets it is he. That sums him up well. I hope he patted himself on the back tonight and acknowledged some of his accomplishments and tallents. Truly a rarity. With the end of the phone call came the end of my night. It’s late, so this is actually going up at a little after twelve thirty a.m. Alaska time. 

Love and forgiveness are keys to every door.

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