12, August 2021

Guten Tag, freund. 

I awoke at nine in the morning today. Instantly I knew they were gone. Truth be told I knew when they left yesterday I wouldn’t be seeing them again. It was some sort of intuition giving me the information. They had been restless for a few days. I’ll miss that early morning wake-up in some ways. Today I just missed their presence. Wildlife has always had a unique way of keeping my attention and appreciation. With the departure of the sandhill cranes the white season is just around the corner. The few locals I’ve talked to have all mentioned Jack Frost should come any day now to spread his joy. In a way I’m looking forward to it. A nice book, warm cocoa, and a decent sweater seem like a delightful day to spend an evening. All while periodically watching the snow fall. It’s something I did in Colorado and never grew weary of. Soon it shall be here. Fall is coming to it’s end stages as well. The hills have already shown the fireweed transcend the spectrum of red as the cew cottonwoods and aspens begin to glow golden. Soon all the leaves will be gone. In fact, many were being scattered today by the heavy winds and constant rain. Didn’t stop some fishing from getting done though. 

Jeff is still in town and wanted to go catch some Dolly. So I found myself with him and my brother at the reservoir. I however did not fish. Instead I sat in a nice vehicle reading, snacking, and watching two pals fish in a windy, cold low pressure storm that was moving in. Sometimes I wondered how they got their line to go beyond twenty feet. Even with the wind, pounding rain, and brief lived brakes they still seemed to enjoy themselves. I didn’t mind either as I watched them interact from a distance. Observation is a real teacher. Neither caught a fish and we ended up leaving in between waves of rain, but not before noticing a young man fishing in shorts and and shortsleeve shirt while his lady friend went for a swim. The thermostat read an external temperature of forty eight fahrenheit, or eight celsius. Regardless the unit of measure, it is too cool for my blood. The remainder of the day would be spent mainly indoors, playing billiards, also known as pool. 

I knew I was going to enjoy the billiards because I have done it once before with the Silver Fox, or SF. He and his friends made it so enjoyable for me that I now jump at every opportunity to play. This was my first opportunity since playing with the Silver Fox. He’s an authentic human being who has captured my heart in the way the sun captures the earth. He also resides in a beautiful mountain town known as Frisco. It’s a beautiful place. He and his friends taught me the basics and today Jeff and my brother both taught me about ball control. Jeffs method of letting me practice the same thing repeatedly while giving a detailed explanation allowed me to pick it up rather quickly. I love my brother, but he has a more difficult time expressing an idea, e.g., “hit this nine ball in here and make the cue ball stop here. That’ll be a perfect play.” 

“Ok, got it. Hit this ball here and make this ball stop here.” I replied. 

“That simple”, was the encouraging response he gave. I love him dearly, but he leaves me baffled at times. With a little giggle I gave it a shot, not doing anything we had talked about. I was having fun. Total win. That’s how I spent the remainder of my day. Oh, I faltered on staying caffeine free. The problem seems to be I don’t really want to stop, but my body thinks I should. I’ve got to start approaching this in a more serious manner. What that looks like, I don’t know. 

Oh and I talked to a local about a potential job lead. I do hope it pans out as they say everyone is hiring. I’m wondering why “everyone” isn’t calling me. I’ve got applications in with everyone. 😀

Anyway, it’s late. I have no words of wisdom or advice, but I will confess; I intended to do laundry today but, realized after putting detergent and softener in the washer, I brought my clean clothing instead of my dirty clothing. Sometimes you’re an avocado tree in the middle of an apple orchard. Salome.

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