18, August 2021

Hello, friends 🙂

Today has been extremely exhausting. With an early rise I dragged my lethargic body out of bed at five thirty in the morning. I eagerly, but with as much grace as an alligator trying to catch its prey out of water, get dressed, eat breakfast, and start my day. All day… That’s how long I worked. It wasn’t supposed to be like that. I had hoped to be done at eleven in the morning. Instead I finished at seven in the evening. Yup, totally didn’t see it working out like this. Such is life though and all I can do is learn and move on. Nonetheless, I’m still going to see a friend tomorrow. 

I’ll be driving to Anchorage to visit my cosmic sister. Her flight leaves at eight in the evening so we should have all day together. I had hoped to make it up today, but that didn’t happen. The last time I saw  her was April 2020. Far too long for my liking, but accomplished with the help of the pandemic. I’m super cautious and haven’t really seen any of my friends since thise whole thing started. However, with appropriate precautions I feel I can be safe. It’s a beautiful thing when just the thought of meeting someone can leave you choking back tears. Oh, I’m also going to introduce her to my brother. ← This is huge for me. Unfortunately, I’m not ready to share the reasoning with the world. Perhaps one day this will change. But for now, I’m going to bed. 

Sanguine eyes give exceptional warmth.

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