Completing a Journey

Wow, what can I say? The events of my venture east have, thus far, been nothing I could have anticipated or prepared for. Still, this trip isn’t a bad one and I find that I am learning much as I go, especially about the reptilian insurance company I am insured through. 


I called Monique and explained the situation. She was notably upset and overwhelmed by the stress of RV failures and the lack of accountability by the insurance company. I could hear the sorrow and feel her tears of frustration. I tried to be supportive, but it only went so far. She had determined the RV was garbage and now looked at it with animosity. I felt for her pain, but was hoping she may find a more optimistic stance. I also understood what was creating the feelings and thoughts as they were trying to manifest inside my mind as well. Once she calmed down she gladly helped locate a local tow company that would be willing to come and pick up the RV. She called and set everything up! I truly am fortunate to have such a wonderful woman in my life. I thanked her and tried to reassuring her the road ahead would be less turbulent. As I waited for the tow truck I couldn’t stop feeling blessed. I have a wonderful woman in my life who, although not perfect, is always striving and working towards something. She shines like a beacon of light in the darkest of nights in the roughest of seas. If only she could see in herself what I see in her. My mind wandered in this state of gratitude until the tow truck arrived. 


It was about six in the evening when the driver of the tow truck greated me. He ran through the familiarity of where I wanted to go, if I needed to be taken any place particular, or if there was any assistance he could offer. I politely asked if he could tow the RV to a local mechanic that would be willing to let me stay in it while I waited. He gave a curious look, which didn’t go unnoticed, so I explained my situation. When I finished he smiled, and with a friendly voice said he knew exactly where to take me. He recommended the mechanic himself and said they do good work. I was willing to take his word for it since I didn’t really have anything else to go with. As he dropped me off he wished me good luck and and offered one last time to take me anywhere if I needed. I again declined and bid him a happy farewell. Now what to do?


I contemplated for a little while about possible solutions to my current problems. One being that i was supposed to start a job in three days time in ohio and the other being financial affordability. SInce it was Friday and the mechanic was closed until Monday I didn’t know exactly what I was going to do about work. I decided to call my friend Clayton and inquire for advice. I’m glad I did too. He simply asked where I was and said he would bring his truck and come get me so I could start work on Monday. Keep in mind this is a ten and a half hour drive in one direction. For the second time in only a short time I was feeling overwhelmed with gratitude and thankfulness. Clayton would come the next evening with his truck, we would load all my belongings, which isn’t much, into it, sleep for the night in the RV, and then leave for Ohio the next day. This ment Clayton would arrive Saturday and we would leave Sunday. Providing no mishaps this would also allow me to start a job as soon as I return. I’m not big on money, but also don’t want to be broke. This RV is quickly draining the savings fund. I went to bed that night rather peacefully, with a smile on my face. 


The next morning I awoke and called Monique to inform her of the plan. She was glad a solution had come, but was concerned with financial costs and rather we could continue to put so many resources into the RV. It was a concern I had been struggling with as well. Our saving was almost depleted and neither of us were sure the RV could even be fixed. Now we were both discussing the second problem I was wrestling with, financial adequacy and affordability. We discussed every option from leaving it, selling it, fixing it, giving it away, putting it in storage, and trading it. Ultimately we both thought it would be a shame to do anything but keep it. We had already invested so much into it and eventually there should come a time when everything will be fixed. This just meant that we would have to pinch pennies for a short time. It’s nothing we aren’t familiar with anyway. I thanked Monique for her advice and tried again to assure her things would all work out; I could tell she was still visibly distraught over the proceedings thus far. I said one last I love you, hoping it would give her a little strength, and assured her all would be well. Now what to do until Clayton arrived?


I spent the rest of the day reading, meditating, throwing some discs, eating, and doing a little writing . Before I knew it ten in the evening was upon me and I found myself dozing in and out of coherent consciousness while I waited on Clayton. He had to work until one in the afternoon so I knew he would be late getting in. It seemed like only a heartbeat since I closed my eyes that the back door was being flung open and I was embraced in a hug suitable for a bear. Right behind him was Mr. Tim Hinch. I was glad that he had decided to come along and join Clayton, it was my reward. Unfortunately Tim wasn’t feeling the best. I made a nice nest for him to cuddle up in and catch some rest before we set off in the morning. Meanwhile Clayton and I loaded his truck bed with all my material belongings which, after finishing, made me feel proud of myself. That night we settled in a little late; there is always much friends can catch up on. 


In true Clayton form he was awake, bouncy, and ready to tackle the day much earlier than Tim or myself would have liked. Although tired, we were all ready to go. The first memorable event transpired at the I-80 rest area West of Des Moines. We pulled into the rest area to take a morning bathroom room break; coffee has a tendency to shrink the bladder of whoever drinks it. As we were walking towards the restrooms I noticed a small, black circular object on the ground. I smiled as I picked it up checked it over. I decided give it a quick wipe down even though there were no obvious signs of dirt. It also looked structurally sound, i.e., it was in good order and should work fine. With that I pulled my hair into a much needed pony tail and used the new found pearl as a restraint. The moment I did this Clayton about lost his breakfast. Here is a gentleman who stands six feet two inches tall, weighs two hundred and thirty pounds, and has a humor that delves between morbidly twisted and care bear sunshine, and is repulsed by my insertion of a hair tie. I was taken aback that my, normal to me, action caused such a response. For the next couple of weeks I heard the story repeated and numerous more individuals express their discontent with my actions. Guess it’s not common place to utilize a hair tie one finds anyplace other than a store. Regardless it was now in my hair and we were back on the road and heading towards Ohio, but with one little detour. 


In the early afternoon we reached a small Indiana town, the name of which has long left my memory, where we decided to play a round of disc golf. It took two hours to get in a full eighteen holes. This was one of the best laid courses I have had the opportunity to play. It was well manicured and the upkeep was almost perfection. Tim, Clayton, and myself all found enjoyment even though we had difficulty with the course; some days your game is on and some days your game is off. That’s the long and short of it.   After our round we drove, most uneventfully, back to Ohio. 


We arrived at my grandparents house, this is where I will be staying, around 8 pm. My grandparents, both in there eighties, were up and waiting on me. This is nothing unusual from my grandmother, but for my grandfather to wait up was a complete surprise. I have my personal conclusion of why he was awake, but I haven’t asked him so I cannot say if my deduction was accurate or not. Regardless, I was very thankful to see him. With large, childlike grins my grandmother and I shared an embrace that is loves reunion. To my surprise my grandfather shared the same embrace with me that my father did.  

“I remember no day in my life so full of toil, distress, and exhaustion, and yet so full of happiness and keen gratification.” ~Hudson Stuck~

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