Non Millennial Destitution

Putting together this blog has been a goal of mine for around 3 years now. It took time, encouragement, and motivation to actually accomplish it; however, seeing it to fruition has been a reward beyond measure. It hasn’t arrived without numerous discouraging moments, tiresome obstacles, and more tech resolution than I would desire, but it arrived nonetheless. I have learned a few things about my own patience, or lack thereof, and about the constant flux of technology. I didn’t go into this venture completely blind.

I spent many hours researching platforms, cost, and overall customer review to help determine the avenue I wished to pursue. At first it was overwhelming and almost more than I wanted to deal with. I was ignorant of the many acronyms, the terminology itself was foreign, and deciphering what was being discussed, advised, and addressed to the point of coherent understanding was far removed from transpiring. This made the entire process seem daunting and insurmountable. Fortunately for me there is more than one form of Tech Support.

I am most fortunate to have a Monique, who is a Millennial, by my side to guide me through the cyber world. Without her help I would have been more lost than I was and I would have more than likely found frustrations as a companion. Thankfully those avenues were not in my line of pursuit. An example of her help: changing three DNS servers to communicate with WordPress to map my domain name, walking me through the steps to tag a post and explaining the purpose of doing such, and spending much time teaching me the dialogue of computers. It has been an educational reward that I will carry with me.

This very personal form of support proved to be a delightful experience. It was easy on the psyche and the emotions and I found it far more simplistic than the conversation robots that are prevalent in much of today’s technology. I also, once again, learned a valuable lesson about perseverance and goal achievement; each requiring a volition and perspective to find the neutral positive without alleviating the possibility of negative inclusions. A shout out and thank you to Billy Meier for the help with “thought” control.

“I regard a human being as simply a human being, whether he is from this world or another, or whether he is a beggar, or God in person, and whether he is ignorant or wise, they are all of equal right. No one has more right than any other, and nobody is more than any other.” ~Billy Meier~

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