Inadequate space: A prerequisite

One of the largest and most persistent burdens we have had to address is space availability. It often feels like we will always fall short in this area no matter how valiant our efforts. This can be both daunting and depressing. Trying to jigsaw everything two people would need to work independent of a corporation and have a luxurious sojourn simultaneously is no less than problematic. Yes, even with two vehicles, one for work and one for residence, we find our quarter cramped. How do we do it? I have asked myself this question an innumerable amount and have yet to find a solution other than perseverance

Each day we continually stack, unstack, restack, adjust, move, and tie down our different possessions. This has become somewhat of a science and we have been able to develop a system which allows optimal organization. We accomplish this by ensuring each possession, first and foremost, has a purpose. If we cannot define its purpose we let it go, usually in a donation bin, free library, or a public place. Recycle, Reduce, and Reuse is cliche, but effective. The next step in our revolutionary solution is categorizing.

We, in order to be as efficient as possible, categorize every article we own. An example of this is our bathroom category. This consists of our toiletries, e.g., toothbrushes, deodorant, shampoo, soap, razors, toilet paper, towel, washcloth, etc. etc. A second example is our kitchen category. This consists of our cookware/eating utensils, e.g., forks, spoons, knives, pots, pans, can opener, potato peeler, cutting board, tupperware, etc. etc. This allows us to retrieve everything we need in a most timely manner. No searching required. And now our third step, placement.

Where does one place an entire cookset, all your toiletries, and clothing in a minivan? The answer is….. Inside of milk crates. This ingenious invention has allowed us to free up space while consolidating most of our property. We have six total. They stack two wide and three high in the back of the van. This leaves, when we restack for bed, enough room for our 5’8” and 5’7” frames to lay supine. Unfortunately not everything fits with the category it is assigned, e.g., gas camp stove, ukulele, and mattress pad do not, in the slightest degree, fit into a milk crate. This is where our fourth and final step, stacking, comes into play.

We neatly do stack everything in front of the milk crates. This goes for our bedding, camp stove, extra food, painting supplies we bring, board games, art and craft supplies, etc. etc. This provides enough room for Lyla to lay and have a little romp room; however, at night we unstack our building and restack it all in the front seats. It’s a routine we have grown accustomed to and become most efficient at. In fact, most of the time we can keep the driver seat completely free of possessions. There is a large benefit to this as well. We can be considerate of the other if one wishes to retire for the night while the other would rather stay up. More often than not I am the one retiring around ten while Monique enjoys the quiet of the night. Works out well and I am completely happy with how it transpires.

All in all our system works for us. This doesn’t alleviate the troubles or confined feelings that one may and can experience when living in such close proximity. Those dealings are for a different post.

“Love with altruism and internal liberation becomes an eternal companion.” ~Team Juice Box~

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