Enjoying Liberation

In our current cultural construct there is a lack of emphasis on freedom and a strong pushing of debt related shackles that keep dreams in storage. I have never understood the value of putting a dream on hold until the “appropriate time” or until “the moment presents itself”. These concepts are counterproductive to the dream and only convince the dreamer that he or she is not yet ready. If you are dreaming it you are ready. Nothing is going to fall into our laps and give us all we desire without a struggle or hardship. That’s just not the way reality works. One has to put in the work and make the mistakes to grow an understanding and knowledge base that will allow success to follow. Failure is a word that only represents giving up. That is not a term we enjoy. With this tangent now fulfilled we shall move on.

Living the way we do has provided us an opportunity to experience a freedom that eludes most. The 9-5, Monday through Friday tedium is not something we enjoy. Yes, we understand work must be accomplished in order to create an income that will sustain us however, we do not see why we need to devote the majority of our time to such. Truth is, when one is compensated adequately and lives within a boundary of necessity,  there is no need to work to exhaustion. We have all we need with a fraction of the cost that is currently expected by the mainstream.

Here is a little food for thought. Water is free at most public parks, if you have a vehicle you have shelter, second hand clothing doesn’t devalue your worth, and food can be affordable when simple. The luxuries of comfort are what we choose and our thoughts are most influential on our perspective; they hold might. You can be happy with little and it does not matter what others have to say. If you are living righteously you are succeeding.


“A rainbows pleasure is true loves form; you can’t have beauty without a storm.” ~Team Juice Box~



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