Righteously Unscripted; Preamble

Hello, friends. We are neophytes to the blogging world; therefore,  we hope you will be patient with understanding as we learn and grow on this new adventure. The picture we attempt will be raw and uncut in hopes of depicting a transparency that correlates honesty. Our  provisions offered are no less than lived practical experience of our events, situations, self-reflections, life choices, and anything else that typically defines daily existence. We are not going to try to change anyone’s mind about anything, only ease our own mind about everything.

Here begins the journey of Team Juice Box. Two free spirited captains co-sailing a ship across the vast ocean of life. With the course constantly redirecting, the wind always shifting, and waters that perpetually change, we find excitement, turmoil, and a perseverance that inspires evolution. Such methods have been considered unorthodox by mainstream culture and nefarious by corporate elites; to us, they are no less than honourable, noble, righteous, and auspicious.

We invite you, the reader, to openly join our journey and experience our unique perspective on life. Feel free to give advice, share personal experiences, suggest unique goals, or help us on our journey. If you prefer to just read and follow that’s no less beautiful. Now, without ado, let us begin.


“What is the worth of a dream if the spirit doesn’t reach for it?” ~Team Juice Box~




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