A living of worth comprised of goals

Today we will be sharing with you the goals of Team Juice Box, our method of accomplishment, and why we live the way we live. This isn’t a lifestyle for everyone nor do we expect to lead a revolution of change. Each individual has a construct, within thoughts, of a reality they live and create; that is a beautiful gift. Feel free to share with us as we share with you.

I must confess that this isn’t our (Team Juice Box) first experience at traveling and living a life far removed from current cultural norms. We have actively practiced much of what we are sharing for a couple years now. We have hitchhiked across this beautiful land, backpacked the natural wonders secluded far from society, and lived liberated from confinement. We currently have become mobile and are masters of our course. So where is this course going?

Alaska and all the places between is a good starting point. We aren’t much for itineraries and prefer to embrace the unknown adventure of spontaneous. There is a voluminous space between our current location and the destination of Grizzly country. We intend to explore and get to know all the areas leading up to the final destination. Occasionally we are provided advice from locals on interesting treats we should explore and we enjoy pursuing these. Some of our best adventures have come from the advice of others. It is why we like to keep the timeline open and find planning, strategically, step by step, difficult. We do plan financially of course.

Expenses when traveling, especially in a vehicle, can occur from many different avenues, e.g., vehicle malfunction, unexpected opportunities, illness/injury, equipment malfunction (tent/clothing/sleeping bag etc. etc.) Since neither of us are clairvoyant we are unable to know exactly what may come our way. For this reason we stockpile, what we consider adequate, money. We do this by living frugal and working for ourselves. Yes, it’s that simple. We have cut out the middleman to retain maximum profit and have established in a location currently experiencing a large economic boom. This is our method of success in a rather cut and dry explanation. This is our lifestyle and we enjoy it in all its unfolding glory.

Living and pursuing our goals in a manner that leaves us feeling appreciated, adequately compensated, and treated with equity is the main driving force propelling our lifestyle. It is a pleasantry on the psyche, the mind, and the spirit. Couple this with the adventure it allows us to participate in and you have a solid foundation of why we live this way. Morality and righteous, noble behavior are the building blocks of who we are. We intend to continuously build upon these.


“Does a star float or fly? Either way, it’s above the sky!” ~Team Juice Box~

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